How to Use Kasturi Oil for hair fall solution - Shridhar Kasturi Hair Oil

Most Recent Product Reviews

Not sure about the re-growth of my hair. But it is stopping the problem of my hair fall and the problem of dandruff

- Vijya Sharma,
It is stopping the problem of my hair fall

this oil is best for hair. now the my problem of premature white hair has gone. there is no hair fall problem also.

- Laxmi utkatpati,
there is no hair fall problem

I frequently use this oil for hair massage before the sleep. its helps me to treat my damaged hairs and regain it.

- Jiten Patel,
its helps me to treat my damaged hairs

it’s very nice. i massage my hair with this oil regularly after that i feel calm and relaxed. I get a good sleep.

- Nishita Shukla,
i feel calm and relaxed

you have to be patient for the couple of weeks and then you will get positive result. Because I had a problem of lice and dandruff but after using this oil now i have no lice and dandruff problem. I am ordering my next bottle.

- Khushboo Vaghela,
I am ordering my next bottle

Frequently Asked Questions

What to avoid?

Avoid chemical, Those will stick with hair even after your best try to wash those and will thin the hair as soon you got some heat ( This works like diluted acid), Avoid shampoo above PH 5.5 level.

Why oil is important?

Oil works couple of ways, provide the necessary no-resistance between hair, provide right nutrition through follicle, provide shining, make sure the right balance of oil so balance sebum extractions.

Apply oil on unwashed hair?

If you apply oil on hair which are with Dust+Sebum+Sweat. Apply oil slowly by taking pinch of oil on each apply, This will take little more time than normal but this make less hair fall on second day hair wash.

How to wash hair?

The most common problem is complete oil removal from hair during wash, That make the gland to misbalance the natural oil balance as complete oil removal send signal to produce more oil from body, Make sure you apply oil before wash hair and don’t completely remove hair oil during wash by having hard wash.

What’s the correct way to apply hair oil?

Any oil is viscous in nature and attract dust, If you apply this during day and expose to dust, At the end of the day you will get grease like structure on head, Best way is to volume apply over night and wash in morning, After wash apply littlie that help fight sebum. If you have issue of sebum extraction (which is common with weak side of hair follicle), Make sure you always apply limited quantity, Otherwise oil, sebum, sweat will destroy hair.