Use Best 5 Natural Hair oils

Want To Grow Hairs Faster?? Use Best 5 Natural Hair oils

People are never satisfied with their hairs and want to regrow hair. Some people feel that they are unlucky to not have healthy & thick hairs but it’s not true, throughout their eating habit and busy schedule they didn’t care their hair enough. Just remember nothing happens in one day, take some patience.  Here we explain to you how to grow hair faster.

To Grow Hair Faster – Sesame oil

In many ayurvedic hairs, the treatment uses sesame oil as a basic oil which provides complete nutrients to hairs.  Sesame oil has antimicrobial properties and prevents hair scalp from all fungal infection.

Sesame oil benefits
  1. Use sesame oil for hair loss related to stress. It is good for avoiding stress. Using this hair oil regularly and it’s promoting hair growth.
  2. Good for increase hair thickness. It is boosting blood circulation on the scalp. In Ayurveda sesame oil good for hair growth. To take deep nourishment, it can recover any physical or chemical damage from hairs.
  3. Use of Sesame oil doubles lice treatment. Massage hair with little warm sesame oil and cover it. Next morning, comb through with a wide-toothed comb to get rid of the dinginess.
  4. Sesame oil is providing protection to hairs from the harsh rays of the Sun. It has natural properties which prevent hairs from the pollution.
  5. Sesame oil is the perfect way to avoid dandruff. Its antibacterial properties keep away dandruff from hairs.

To Grow Hair Faster – Olive Oil

Many people know olive as best hair growth oil. Use of it on hairs gives new life to hairs. It enriched with vitamin E and anti-oxidants which are highly beneficial for hairs. Massage with its providing complete nourishment and revitalizes scalp which helps to promote hair re-growth.

Olive Oil Benefits
  1. To remove dandruff, massage hair scalp with olive oil it is the best solution for dandruff and can use it with lemon. Mix lemon and olive oil well, apply on hairs.
  2. The best solution of split ends is used olive oil. The olive oil gives complete moisture to hairs and prevents hairs from dryness. It’s work just like the serum on hairs.
  3. Use olive oil regularly makes hair strong and help to grow faster. Olive oil has many vitamins and anti-oxidants which make hairs shiny and strong.
  4. Massage with little warm olive oil its helps to remove frizziness and make hairs soften and silky.
  5. Use of olive oil eliminate itchiness from the scalp and clear all dirt from there.

To Grow Hair Faster – Castor Oil

Castor Oil enriched in vitamin E, protein and minerals, it’s able to resolve any issue of the scalp and promote hairs. It has antimicrobial properties.

Castor Oil Benefits
  1. Use of castor oil makes hairs healthy and shiny. Castor oil contains omega fatty acid and ricinoleic acid which promote hair growth.
  2. Massage on hairs with castor makes hairs strong by roots and prevent from hair loss. Can mix fenugreek seed powder with castor oil and apply it on hairs to prevent from hair fall problem.
  3. Castor oil enhancing the thickness of hair. Applying it on hairs and its increase hair growth and reduce hair fall.
  4. Its repair all the hair damage and give hairs natural shining. It’s providing full moisture and increase hair color dark.
  5. The castor oil makes the layer above the hair which protects from harsh chemicals. It makes hairs shiny and smoother.

To Grow Hair Faster – Jojoba Oil

Jojoba oil is the best oil for hair growth and provides nourishment to hairs which hairs really need to grow.  It’s protecting hairs from external damage.

Jojoba Oil Benefits
  1. Jojoba rich in vitamin E, omega fatty acid 6 & 9 so, it helps hairs to eliminate dirt and dandruff.
  2. Use of jojoba oil protects hairs from loss as well. It makes hair scalp clean and nourishes all follicles which help hair to grow.
  3. Jojoba oil provides deep conditioning to hairs and makes them strong. Apply it on hairs and its make cuticles soft. With this lock moisture in hairs.
  4. Jojoba oil working as a serum in hairs and it the best serum ever for hairs. It’s provided hairs shining and never makes hair sticky.
  5. Massaging hairs with olive oil and its promoting hairs re-growth. It increases blood circulation on hair scalp which gives proper oxygen to hairs for growing better.

To Grow Hair Faster – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties, anti fungal and anti viral which make hair scalp healthier. Its prevent hair loss and conditioning scalp. Maintain scalp PH level.

Coconut Oil Benefits
  1. Regularly apply coconut oil on scalp and it never makes hairs dry. Its present protein repairs the hair damage too.
  2. Coconut oil contains the omega 3 fats which support hairs to grow and protect hair from harsh chemicals.
  3. Coconut oil enriched lauric acid and capric acid which have antiviral, antimicrobial and antifungal properties.
  4. Use of coconut oil repairs the external damage of hairs from Hair dryers, flat irons, hot rollers, and curling irons. use of it encourage hair re-growth.
  5. Apply coconut oil on hairs and its prevent hairs from lice. Its helpful in scalp irritation and clean the scalp.

Use all the above oils its provide hairs complete protection from all hair problems like hair fall, hair loss, lice in hairs, hair thinness, dandruff, etc. Shridhar Kasturi oil offers hair oil which made up by South Indian herbs which provide complete solution of all hair problems and care hairs.  Any type of hair problem resolves easily by using all the above hair oil and Kasturi hair oil. It’s pure organic oil which never harms hairs.

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