Treatment of hair fall

Various unfold causes of Hair fall

Whenever rub our hairs or brushing them there many small things which are the cause of hair fall. It’s normal to lose some strands of hairs daily but in excessive quantity its indicates some medical condition or unhealthy habits. Always protect hairs from pollution and sunrays, its make hairs weak and sticky which attract more dirt. This hair falls causing worries and also reducing self esteem. These two things maximally saw in women more than men.  Yeah!! It might be possible to control hair fall just by using some home remedies regularly. In this article below we talk about some unrevealed causes of hair fall.

Never tie hairs too tightly

Now a day’s people are like to styling their hairs with different hairstyles. For hairstyles you should tie hairs in different braids too tight so it also cause of hair fall. These hairstyles are pulling hairs by their roots and make them weak. Braids and ponytails are mainly pull the hairs from root and make them weak.

Styling tools

Todays times many types of equipment are use for hairstyling the hairs or make them stylish as well as attractive. For making hairs to shiny and styling many salons or people are frequently using the some hair styling tools or equipment. That all tools and equipment are damage the hairs and make them weak and because of it hairs are easily break. It’s also encouraging the roughness in the hairs.

Purse and backpack

It sounds too strange but true the back pack and purse which are carry on our shoulder affects the hair volume. You ever notice that regularly used of back pack make hairs thin because of it some hairs are stick on back pack or purse handle and that pull hairs.

Hair Fall

Traumatic events happen

Sometimes hairs are suddenly fall out in compare of normal hair fall it may happen because of some emotional and mental trauma. Although it is the temporary hair fall and it stop within 3 to six months automatically.

Some Health Related Disorder

There are many medical conditions are the cause of hair fall but hormonal changes and thyroid disorder plays the important role on this. In these two conditions you need to go to dermatologist and take proper treatment for it. Many people are thinking it’s not affect the hair but it not true.

Some home remedies for hair fall

Treatment of hair fall

  1. Egg mask

Egg is the best source of the protein; with this egg have sulphur, phosphorous, selenium, iodine, zinc as well and all these properties are promote hair growth.

  1. Coconut Milk

Coconut milk is the one of the best treatment for the hair fall because it has protein and necessary fats which protect from hair fall and encourage the hair growth.

  1. Green tea

Green tea have many benefits but may be not everyone know about these. The best and beautiful benefit of the green tea is to make hair strong prevent it from hair fall because it rich in antioxidants.

  1. Beetroot juice

Beetroot is the best source of the blood purification or increase blood in the body. With this beetroot is also providing vitamins C and B6, folate, manganese, betaine and potassium which all are helpful to increase hair volume and length. It’s also detoxifying hair scalp.

All the above mentioned home remedies are beneficial for the hairs. All these things are promote hair growth and make hairs attractive as well. Besides its control hair fall and maintain the clear scalp. Above explain all the causes are reason of daily reducing hair make hair shiny and attractive you may also try shridhar kasturi hair oil which made up by the south Indian herbs.

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