Using sesame hair oil with other ingredients

1. Mixed the little coconut oil and little sesame oil in a bowl and Massage it on your hair. After applying it on your hair cover your hairs for an hour and after this wash your hair with Light Shampoo. This is a very good nutrition for your hair. Using this remedy twice a week is good for your hair.

2. Using Sesame Oil with Almond Oil is good Hair Conditioner. Mix the oil in bowl and massage it on your scalp and hair. Wash hairs after 30 minutes. Throughout this 30 mints duration cover your hair, use little warm wet towel for cover up your hair. It is a Good nutrition for your hair and scalp.

3. Sesame oil is good remedying for keep you away from the problem of dandruff. Use sesame oil with ginger and lemon juice. Take 1-2 spoon lemon and ginger juice mixed it up with sesame oil and massage with fingertips on your scalp and hair. Wash your hair after 30 minutes. Do this remedy twice in week. You will see that your dandruff problem is gone.

4. Sesame oil with Honey this is good for dry hair problem. Its moisture your hair. Comb hair and use this sesame oil and honey mixture. Using it, after ensure that there is no tangle in your hair. Massage it on your scalp and hair with fingertips. After this Cover up your hair with slightly wet warm towel. Leave hair as it is for an hour and washing it. Wash your hair with Mild shampoo. Use this hair mask one time in 2 week. Do not use this remedy more often. It is not good for your hair natural color, it can lighten your hair color.

5. This oil can be use as a natural sunscreen. Massage your scalp and hair with fingertips. It helps to prevent from the damages of ultraviolet rays. Sesame oil protects your hair from the air pollution.

6. Today’s time everyone wants to hair shiny and soft. For this we are sharing natural hair serum formula. Now-a-days all kind of hair serums is available in the market, and every serum has harmful chemical in it. Sesame oil contains elements which help to keep you away from the dry hair problem. It makes your hair Soft, Shiny and Strong.

7. Curry Leaves with Sesame oil makes great combination for hair loss treatment. Warm the oil with curry Leaves. Boil oil for some time. When see black layer on the curry leaves after that take the oil and wait to cool it. With the cooled oil massage your scalp and hair. After this cover up your hair with slightly wet warm towel. Keep it for around 40 minutes and after this wash your hair with light shampoo. Using curry leaves with sesame oil will keep you away from hair loss. You can try this remedy twice in week.

8. It has antibacterial and anti fungal properties. This can help you to protect from lice problem. Massage the oil on your hair. And wash your hair after an hour with light shampoo. You will see no lice in your head. Use thrice in a week.

9. Sesame oil with fenugreek seed is good for your scalp and hair. It makes your hair shinier. Its keeps you away from the dandruff problem. Take 2 spoon fenugreek seed with little sesame oil in a jar. To give the proper heats place this jar in a utensil of boiling water. After this keep oil aside for cooling. Use this oil when it is little warm. Massage your hair with this oil and keep it for 45 minutes. Wash your hair with light Shampoo. Cover up your hair with a little warm towel. Use this remedy twice in a week.

10. Using eggs with sesame oil benefited for you. An egg has the protein in it which is good for stronger and healthy hair. Take the eggs according to your hair problem. Egg yolks: – It has the protein but lesser than whites. Important for hair growth. Egg whites are the more liquid portion of the egg. It does not have the egg yolk. Egg white has the maximum part in protein, this help to the development and renewal of your hair. Mix the eggs with the oil. Massage this to your scalp and hair. Wash it with cold water after 30 minutes. Don’t use Hot or Little warm water to wash it. Use this remedy twice a week.

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