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Use Oil for Hair Growth and Make Hairs Strong & Long

  • Need to Use Correct Comb:

It’s essential to choose perfect comb for hairs. For regularly use select comb according to hair types. The regular comb is not suitable for all type of hairs, need to pick correct comb for hairs. A wide-tooth comb is best for hairs and it’s prevented from hair fall. At the place of wide tooth comb, use paddle brush which is helpful to detangling thick & wet hairs. Ceramic round hair comb made up with synthetic bristles which are detangled and wrap the hairs around the brush. For proper hair growth, use round brush hair comb for layers.

  • Proper Hair Massage:

Properly massage hairs and scalp with little hot oil, it is good for hair roots which helps hair to regrowth. The mixture of Coconut oil and Sesame oil is perfect oil for massage. It gives strength to hairs and keeps hairs healthy. For rubbing hair scalp use fingertips and avoiding massage with nails. For massaging prepare scalp, massage oil helps in hair growth.

  • Evade from Harmful Products:

Don’t use harmful products on hairs like hair color, hair dryers, and many other products. Always try to avoid this kind of products. All of these products contain chemicals which holding a para-phenylenediamine. This chemical generally found in the dark color shades hair colors pack and it’s formed with coal tar & petroleum-derived that enough to damage hairs. All hair’s related products contain some quantity of harmful chemicals like benzene, naphthalene, phenols, aniline, etc. All these small efforts encourage hair growth.

  • Properly Wash hair:

Wash hairs with shampoo one time in a week that rid of dirt which presents in hairs. Massaging scalp while shampoo increases blood circulation and prevent from dandruff & itching problems. Select natural shampoo according to hair type it’s promote hair growth.

  • Avoid chemical treatments:

Don’t use harsh chemicals contain the product for hair treatments. Try to avoid hair dyes bleaching products that all contain the harsh chemical. Bleaching is the main cause of hair loss or hair damage. All those products which used in hair treatment contain harsh chemicals and make hairs weak and cause of hair fall. For hairstyling, try to neglect chemical consist product its damage hairs. Try to avoid sprays and gels as well, it attracts dust which sticks in hair and increases hair loss. Avoiding these chemical treatments support hair growth.

  • Protect hairs from sun’s Uv rays: 

Too much sun exposure is harmful to hairs. The sun’s UV rays can be a cause of hair loss or weak hairs. To prevent hairs, try to cover hair by a hat or clean cloth. It keeps hairs safe from UV rays.

  • Eat Healthily: 

Eat healthy food and always try to maintain the healthy diet which keeps hair Healthy, Shiny and Strong. Spinach has Vitamin A, C, and E which helps hairs to grow and give nutrition in large quantity. There are many foods which contain many nutrients, for hair growth start eating all of them. Spinach has a large quantity of iron. Avoid eating unhealthy food like junk or fast food, fried food, spicy food, etc.

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