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Tips for Hair Re-growth And Controlling Hair Fall

Today’s time people are suffering from hair loss problem. There are many causes behind the hair loss but sometimes it normal to loss some hair strands that because of season change or happening when you are changing shampoo or conditioner even using constantly some hair tools and products which are suitable for all hair type. In medication we call hair loss problem is alopecia. It’s generally see in people after 40s bu5t some time or bad habits is occur before that.  So, to avoid this hair loss problem people need to eat healthy and nutritive food which completes all the deficiency of minerals in the body.

Bestow tips to control hair fall

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Massage with coconut Oil

Everyone knows that coconut oil is the best friend of hairs. Daily massages with coconut oil make your hair too good and render with all type of nutrition. The best way to improve hair condition is to use coconut oil. Use of it ensures you to provide fruitful result in 1 month. If you use it lukewarm then it provides more effective results. It’s moisturizing hair and scalp which make hairs breakage or damage free.

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Amla (Gooseberry) good for scalp

As we all know that amla or gooseberry is rich in many different minerals and it’s very good for helthy as well. Amla consist vitamin c and antioxidant properties which are more beneficial for the hairs.  To use amla need to make juice of it. For hairs mix some lemon juice and then apply it on hair scalp with finger tips. Leave it for 1hr and wait. Once it will be dry then wash hairs with lukewarm water.

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Use egg and get best results

For dry, damage and unhealthy hairs egg is the best treatment. Egg is rich in protein and minerals. It’s providing complete nourishment to the hairs and makes scalp healthy too.  To get effective results use white part of the egg.  For using this on hairs take white portion of egg and mix it with some olive oil.  Mix well and remember about the consistency of the mixture. Apply this mixture on the hair scalp and leave it for 20 min. after it wash hairs. You can also use shampoo for hair wash.

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Almond oil effective for hair fall

We know that almond oil is best for hairs; its rich in vitamin e which are promote hairs to regrowth. For hair fall remedies you can use almond oil with castor oil. Mix well both the oils and apply it on the hair scalp. For applying the mixture of oil you use cotton balls as well. It provides complete care to hairs those make hairs strong by roots. Gently massage with this oil regularly improve hair healthy and prevent from hair fall.

For hair fall you can also use ShriDhar Kasturi Hair Oil which is made up from the pure and organic coconut oil and south Indian rainforest herbs. It is make hairs healthy and shiny. It is also helpful to improve hair fall problem. With these, it increases hair thickness as well.

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