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Several Home Remedies for Hair Fall & Loss Treatment

Today’s people regularly eat junk and packed foods which harm the body as well as hairs. For making hairs healthy and shining eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. It also helps to re-grow hairs by the roots. Also, try some home remedies for hair fall and loss treatment which are easy and helpful for hair growth too.

  • Use Coconut Milk for Hair Growth

To control hair fall need 1 cup coconut oil and apply this coconut milk on the hair scalp with fingertips. After that cover head with a towel and leave it for half hour. Use this milk once a week. Coconut milk contains a fulfill amount of vitamin E and necessary fats which are enough to moisturize hair scalp and make hairs healthy. Its help to re-grow and also stop hair falls. Regular use of it is also beneficial, it gives strength to hairs and preventing damage. Moreover this, it reduces breakage from hairs.

  • Use Aleo Vera for Hair Loss

Aleovera truly favorable for skin and hairs. It helps to maintain scalp ph level and promoting hair growth. Use aloe vera on hairs to prevent hair loss. To use aloe vera firstly extract pulp of it then rub it on hair scalp. Before applying aloe vera pulp on scalp wash hairs when hairs are dry then gently massage with it. After a massage with aloe vera pulp leave it for 15 minutes and then wash hairs with cold water. To get the best result so do this process twice in a week.

  • Use Neem leaf for Removing Dandruff

Neem leaf contains antibacterial properties which help us to get rid of dandruff and also help to nourish hair roots. To control hair fall take 12-15 dry leaves. Now take a container and boil some water with leaves in it. Wait till mixture has cool then apply this mixture on hairs. Do this remedy once a week. Using neem water also help in blood flow of a head and beneficial for skin too. Furthermore use of this aid in lice and nits as well.

  • Use Indian Gooseberry for Grow Hair Faster

To prevent from hair losses take Indian Gooseberry (Amla) home remedy treatment its help hair to grow and provide strengthening. The Indian Gooseberry rich in vitamin C, it’s an essential nutrient for hairs. It’s always keeping hair healthy and prevent from premature graying of hair. Use Indian Gooseberry with lime juice. Firstly crush the gooseberries and extract the juice from it. Now mix some powder of Indian Gooseberry on it and squeezed lime juice on it but remember the powder and lime juice mix in equal quantity.

  • Use Onion Juice for Hair Regrowth

Onion juice helpful for hairs, it has an antibacterial property which prevents the scalp from infections. It also helps to improve blood circulation and its encouraging hair growth too. Take an onion and extract the onion juice then dip the cotton ball on it. Now apply onion juice directly on scalp via cotton ball then leave it for half hour. After it rinses with cold water and uses shampoo as well.

Side Effects of Eating Unhealthy Foods:-

  1. It is more damaging hairs and increases hair loss problem too.
  2. If you don’t eat healthy foods which are most important for getting protein and vitamin for the body, shortage of protein and vitamins in your body will damage hairs. You will see that your hair gets thinner; the main cause of hair fall is a body not get proper nutrients which are essential for the body.

Hair is the most important part for your gorgeous and smart looks. If hairs are healthy then man are looks more handsome and girls are looks more beautiful. Nowadays it is difficult to understand how much nutrition we need in food items. Try to eat fresh and healthy foods. It is good for hair. Use Kasturi oil for hair re-growth, it’s the best hair fall and loss treatment.

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