How to Use Kasturi Oil for hair fall solution - Shridhar Kasturi Hair Oil

Frequently Asked Questions

Why to avoid any Cold/Hot, Drink or Food to reduce hair fall?

Hair made of proteins which run on blood circulations with narrow space, Any cold/hot food/drink instantly reduce or increase blood pressure and most of its result are on head, This fluctuation in blood pressure cause more hair losses, You can try by taking normal food or drink and see results in 10 days where you will see less hair fall.

Best food to reduce hair fall.

Indian sweet lime is best food for hair after Amla, Taking protein in any form will certainly helps as hair is made up of proteins.

How long it takes to see result through changes in food habit or taking right food.

You can see result in 10 days for change in food habit (cold/hot) and to see result for taking food, you need to continuous follow for at least 1-2 months to see results.

Is taking supplement for vitamin, nutrient, protein shakes helps?

These supplements / shakes will help for sure but continuous taking supplement for long will increase permanent fat and problems with kidney. Try to avoid these and go for natural foods this will be bring healthy and permanent results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why oil is important?

Oil works couple of ways, provide the necessary no-resistance between hair, provide right nutrition through follicle, provide shining, make sure the right balance of oil so balance sebum extractions.

How to wash hair and use right temperature water?

The most common problem is complete oil removal from hair during wash, That make the gland to misbalance the natural oil balance as complete oil removal send signal to produce more oil from body, Make sure you apply oil before wash hair and don’t completely remove hair oil during wash by having hard wash.
Second is about using right water, make sure to use water which you can’t define whether its cold or hot. This water remove all chemical residual from hair, open hair follicles, this way oil too work best with roots ( you can boil water and add cold water till the required condition reached).

What’s the correct way to apply hair oil?

Any oil is viscous in nature and attract dust, If you apply this during day and expose to dust, At the end of the day you will get grease like structure on head, Best way is to volume apply over night and wash in morning, After wash apply little that help fight sebum, add shining and add non resistance. If you have issue of sebum extraction (which is common with weak side of hair follicle), Make sure you always apply limited quantity, Otherwise oil, sebum, sweat will destroy hair.

What to avoid?

Avoid chemical, Those will stick with hair even after your best try to wash those and will thin the hair as soon you got some heat ( This works like diluted acid), Avoid shampoo above PH 5.5 level.

Apply oil on unwashed hair?

If you apply oil on hair which are with Dust+Sebum+Sweat. Apply oil slowly by taking pinch of oil on each apply, This will take little more time than normal but this make less hair fall on second day hair wash.