How to control Hair Fall

How to manage and control heavy hair fall?

There are many people are facing hair fall problem, it’s a very common problem and human hairs are health barometer. Normally in a day, one person has approx a hundred hair fall that all are fine, but if the person has more than this then need to know what’s wrong with the body. There are many reasons behind the hair fall. We can’t rely on the one reason because of today’s disturbing and stress full life. Everyone has their own problem and stress with an unhealthy diet which is not obliging to make hairs healthy. Moreover this all people have busy routine life so they don’t make time to care their hairs. Here we are giving you some home remedies to make hairs healthier and know some reasons behind hair fall.

How to control hair fall in men

Men are also facing hair fall problem alike women and they also afraid to lose their hairs. So below mentioned points we will know you about some home remedies to control hair fall.

hair fall solution

Use Mustard Oil

  1. Boil 1 cup mustard oil
  2. Put some henna (mehndi) leaves into the mustard oil.
  3. Store this mixture in the bottle
  4. Apply it on hairs regularly and see changes after some weeks

Use Onion

  1. Cut the onion in the slices.
  2. Then gently massage the scalp with the onion slice
  3. Massage until the area becomes red.

Use Egg Yolk

  1. Firstly put an egg yolk in the container and mix some honey on it
  2. Now apply this mixture in hair scalp
  3. After this wait 30 min. then wash hairs

Use Fenugreek

  1. Grind it with some water
  2. Then apply this mixture in hairs and scalp.
  3. Leave it for 40 min. and gently massage the hairs
  4. After that wash hairs, do it at least for a month.

How to control hair fall in women

Many women are worried about hair fall problems. In women, hormone imbalance is the main causes of hair fall. For hair fall control it should be necessary to eat properly and don’t be over think about anything.

How to control hair fall in women

Use Coconut Milk

  1. It necessary to it proper so start drink coconut milk.
  2. It filled up with lots of nutrients
  3. You can also apply it on scalp and massage gently

Use Aloe vera Gel

  1. First of all, aloe vera is used dermatologist treatment
  2. Apply some aloe vera gel gently on scalp
  3. Now leave it for some hours and wash hairs
  4. Remember to wash hairs with lukewarm water
  5. You can use aloe vera gel with coconut milk its provide complete conditioning to hairs

Use Neem and Amla

  1. Most popular Indian herbs Neem and Amla is the best for hair treatment
  2. Firstly mix amla and neem oil then apply on hair scalp.

All the above home remedies of hair fall are effective and you may see the change in hair fall within 2 months. Regularly use Shridhar Kasturi hair oil and massage the scalp it improves hair growth. Regular massage of hair improves oxygen level in the hair and increase blood circulation. To improve hair growth or stop worrying about how to control hair fall start using Shridhar Kasturi hair oil. it is made up from south Indian rainforest herbs.

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