How to care hair loss problems

How to care hair loss problems

Reason for hair loss: – The hair loss most common cause is aging. The lifestyle of the younger generation is the most common cause of hair loss. Poor diets, smoking, drinking alcohol are some factors that cause hair loss.

1. Stress is the main reason for hair loss. Many people are habitual or overthink about one particular thing that affects health as well as hairs. It stops the growth of hair and not correctly supply the oxygen in the hair scalp. Its stop hair growth and increase hair fall.

2. Bad eating habits the reason for hair loss. Such as fried food, oily food, spicy food. Drinking excessive tea and coffee is the reason for hair fall.

3. Pollution is an influential factor in hair problems. Air pollution damages hairs and make hairs dry, baldness and create breakage. All the dirt and dust are stalk in the scalp which does not promote hairs to grow and make hairs weak that’s why hair fall problem occurs.

4. Hereditary is maybe the reason for premature Baldness. Before the full Baldness, you see the change in your hair. Hair becomes thin and starts small patches and hair fall start. Hereditary hair loss problem affects women as well. Hereditary hair loss begins at the age of 25 to 30.

5. Distilled water used in homes and schools for activities, but it affects hairs as well and use of this, water begins the hair fall problem. In this water nutrient and minerals are not present. When using this type of water, it affects hairs and promotes hair loss problem.

6. Nowadays, outside is an unsafe environment which contains too much dirt that sticks on hair. Unbalance environment occurs because of many reasons like pollution, unsudden weather variations and using chemicals in farms, etc. To protect yourself need to cover hairs otherwise it affects hair growth.

7. Wash hairs too often or rinse daily make hairs weak and increase the hair loss. Blow-drying hair can cause hair loss because it can damage.

How to Care hair loss problem

  1. Whenever eat, start track eating habit and eatable items. Eat unhealthy food it’s not good for hairs. Try to eat a balanced diet meal, avoid unhealthy food. Eat healthy food, such as Spinach, Green leafy vegetables, Nuts, Seeds, Fruits like oranges, grapes and many others. All this contains high protein and vitamins which required for hair growth. All this food also helps to stop the hair loss problem.
  2. Do not take too much stress. Try to do regular meditation and exercise. Do whatever you like to do, go for a long drive, spend some time with your family and friends, and Listen to your favorite music. All these small things are a stress booster.
  3. In today’s times, when going out of the house, hair gets damaged due to pollution and dust those present in the air. Before going out should cover hair with a hat or a clean cloth. Wash hair once in a week with mild shampoo this keep away all the dust particles and germs which sticks in hair due to air and dust pollution. Do not use hair styling cream, hair dyes, bleaching and hairspray; this will attract more polluted elements towards hair.
  4. Hereditary hair loss problem there are no solutions for this. Only you can delay the starts of hair fall. Massage your scalp and hair regularly with a little warm sesame hair oil keep it for an hour. After this wash your hair with mild shampoo. Do this twice in a week; this will help for some time from hereditary hair loss problem.
  5. Use apple vinegar is good for stop the hair loss problem due to hard water .this will make your hair healthy and strong. Mix the water and apple vinegar and massage it scalp and hair. Keep it on your hair for the 10 minutes and wash it with a mild shampoo.

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