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Hair Growth Tips of South Indian Rain forest Herb’s oils

The rainforest gives many different types of herbs which are helpful in any area of medical and these herbs used in the Ayurvedic treatment of many problems. Here we are amplifying about some herbs of south Indian rainforest. That all herbs are beneficial for hairs and they’re all are used for hair growth treatment.

1.Sandalwood Oil for Hair Growth: –

Sandalwood oil is known for its use in Ayurveda. Sandalwood oil contains antiseptic, disinfectant and various other properties to promote good health, sound mind, and clear skin and hair.

Use Sandalwood Oil in different ways for hair growth
  • Use sandalwood oil with jojoba oil and mix both oils well take. Four to eight drops of sandalwood oil and mix one drop of jojoba oil in it. Apply it on dry hair after it washes hairs. It helps to give natural shine.
  • For conditioning hairs, use sandalwood oil’s 4 to 8 drops with few drops of water, apply this mix on hairs. It makes hairs strong.
  • Take four to six drops of sandalwood oil and mix with two drops of Apricot kernel oil, apply on hair scalp. Its prevent hairs from split ends.

2. Avarampoo for Hair Re-growth: –

It has Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial property. It saves your hair from damaging infection. Avarampoo is the best south Indian herb for hairs.

Some useful hair growth tips of Avarampo
  • Avarampoo oil mostly added in lots of hairs oil. Use of all those oils make hairs strong and provide natural shining.
  • Use Avarampoo oil with alma, fenugreek, henna, and curry leave help in hair growth by roots.
  • Avarampoo has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties which protect from scalp infection and inflammation.

3. Black Cumin seeds for Hair Growth: –

Black cumin seed oil comes from the Nigella sativa seed and has a history of being used to treat thinning hair and baldness Black cumin seed oil is used by people around the world to stop or slow hair loss. Some people use it to reverse the symptoms of balding. Black cumin has 100 nutrients and vitamins to replenish skin and hair. It could help you get a mane to be proud of.

With Black Cumin seeds boost hair growth
  • Use black cumin seeds oil and rub the scalp with it. After massaging leave it for 30 min and wash hairs with regular shampoo. Its promote hair growth.
  • Use Black Cumin seeds oil with olive oil. Massaging on the scalp with this mixed oil and leave it 30 min, wash hairs with shampoo. It’s preventing from breakage.
  • Mix Black Cumin seeds oil with coconut oil and warm this mixed oil. Massage on hair scalp with this warm oil and leave it on hairs for 15 min. after this wash hair with mild shampoo.

4. Vetiver Oil for Hair Re-growth: –

Vetiver oil is a very strong lice repellent. It improves the scalp health and offers freedom from lice attack just within a few days of its use. This amazing therapeutic oil offers deep conditioning to the lice-hit scalp and heals inflammation which occurs from lice bites.

Use Vetiver Oil to make hairs healthy
  • Use of Vetiver Oil protects hairs from lice and providing strengthens to hairs from roots. It’s preventing from inflammation.
  • Vetiver Oil uses in aromatic therapeutic too. Its provide hairs breakage and its beneficial for frizzy hairs.
  • Apply vetiver oil on hair scalp, it promotes hair growth and protects immature grey hairs.

5. Benefits of Amla For removing Dandruff: –

Amla, know as Indian Gooseberry, has a plethora of medicinal properties and has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for many years. One of the best things you can do to cure hair loss is to massage your hair with amla oil. It contains oodles of essential fatty acids, which strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and luster.

Use Amla for hair care
  • Use amla oil on hairs and scalp frequently its help to reduces dandruff from the hairs. Alma has anti-inflammatory properties as well.
  • Always use amla oil, it’s preventing from infection on the scalp. Use it as a hair mask, it’s the best conditioner for hairs.
  • It’s preventing from hair losses and hair breakage as well. Daily use of amla oil provides proper moisture to hairs and encourage hair growth.

Other Oils

Rose Oil for Hair Loss: –

This oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can promote hair growth and make scalp healthy. Rose oils relaxing properties can help hair re-growth. It is good for stop Hair loss and stress.

Hair Benefits Of Cinnamon for Hair Fall: –

From ancient days, cinnamon has been a valued spice for making hair strong and beautiful. Cinnamon ensures enhanced blood circulation in the body, which ensures hair roots and scalp to get the required nutrition, and oxygen, which leads to strong, beautiful and healthy hair.

Citriodora Oil for Grow Hair Faster: –

Citriodora Oil is a famous ingredient in shampoos, hair oils, and few other hair care formulas. It is the best oil for dandruff, dry scalp, itching and lice. Massage hair scalp with this oil and wash hair with a mild shampoo, it solves maximum hair problem. Citriodora oil will leave you with a dandruff-free, lice-free, oil-free and clean smelling hair.

Uses of all the above oils are beneficial for hair growth. They all are south Indian herb’s oil of rainforest which purely organic. These all oils used in many ways in hairs according to hair types. Use Kasturi oil, helpful for hairs.

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