Hair Care Advice for Hair Fall Treatment

Finest Natural Hair Care Advice for Hair Fall Treatment

Many people facing hair loss problem which appear only those people who are suffering from androgenic alopecia. Hair fall problem happens if hairs did not get proper nutrients. To give proper hair fall treatment use some best fruitful tips which naturally reduce hair loss problem. Today’s many people concern is to stop hair fall. Here below we are giving some advice and tips for hair care which is the most effective Hair loss treatment.

  • Oil is essential

Always apply a few drops of oil, after rinsing the hairs. With oil, massage hair scalp and they increase blood circulation on the scalp. For massaging hairs, use coconut oil with olive oil or almond oil its the best hair fall treatment.

  • Avoid using hot water

For washing hair always use cool and lukewarm water. Hot water can damage hair and make them sensitive. Hot water can cause split ends and dehydration of hairs. Instant of hot water use cool/lukewarm water which is close hair cuticles and maintain moisture in hairs.

  • Choose Right Shampoo

Always use the mild shampoo and with this remember to using dilute shampoo. These forms of shampoo do not stick on the scalp. It’s a fact that shampoos are strips from oil and make them dry. To protecting hairs wash hairs only with dilute shampoo, it’s helpful in hair fall treatment.

  • Massage Necessary

If hairs are wet, never rub scalp it’s made hairs weak. Always gently massage the scalp and applying shampoo. It’s maintained scalp ph level and promotes hair growth as well.

  • Always Apply Conditioner

It’s an important step of hair wash. Never forget to apply conditioner on hairs and apply it from root to hair tips. After applying conditioner leave it on hair for 2 min and rinse it with lukewarm water. Its prevent hair fall and give proper hair fall treatment.

  • Don’t wash hair too often

Never wash hair daily it’s may cause hair fall, hair damage and stop hair growth as well. Wash hair daily make hair dry and remove all natural oil from hairs. Shampoo which contains harsh chemical may cause hair breakage and hair loss.

  • Select Right Towel for Hair

For hairs always use microfiber hair towel. Microfiber is hair friendly fiber and terrycloth towel is harmful to hairs. Terrycloth towel increases frizz and makes tangled hair.

  • Avoid electric equipment

Avoid using hair blow drying, straightening machine and other hairstyling tools that all harmful for hairs. Using of this type of all tools break hairs and too much heat make hairs weak.

  • Comb in Wet Hairs

Comb wet hair carefully; wet hair is very soft and can be damaged very easily. Use wide-tooth comb for comb wet hair. Cover wet hair with a towel to dry. Avoid rubbing hairs if it is not dry, it can make hairs tangle. Use comb very gently to remove tangle from the hair. It’s good for hair care.

  • For Split ends

Many people are having a problem of split ends. Use Coconut oil with Sesame oil to massage scalp and hair. Try to trim hair in every 3 months this helps to end hair-splitting problem. Use a wide- tooth comb for untangles hair. You should not use a blow dryer to dry hair.

  • Eat Healthy Foods

Change eating habit and eat salad and green vegetable more. It makes hairs strong by root and promotes hairs regrowth. Eat maximum green vegetables to prevent hair loss. Eat fruits lemon, oranges, and grapes to keep hair healthy and give complete nutrients.

  • Select Best Hair Brush

To untangled hairs always use wide tooth comb/brush for hairs. It is detangled hairs without pain.

  • Make Body Hydrate

Always remember that hydrate body always healthier and make hairs heather too. One adult person has to drink 5-6 liter water in a day. It is good for hair and makes hairs strong from a root and support hair fall treatment.

  • Care Hair

Brush hair to remove dust and dirt. Pick the right brush to do hair brushing. Do not use the brush more, it can cause hair damage. Don’t go out in wet hairs and oily hairs. Always try to use a scarf and cap to cover hairs.

  • Protect Hair

If going out cover hair, it prevents hairs from sun UV rays can damage hair. We are living in such a polluted environment it is the main cause of hair loss. Nowadays, everywhere the pollution of vehicles, dust, water pollution, its effects your hair growth. Need to protect hairs from all these and it’s helpful in hair fall treatment.

Above read some quick tips for hairs loss treatment which are very effective and effortless too. Only you have to remain that all that tip and use it as daily hair care. Shridhar Kasturi oil is pure and organic oil use it for hair fall.

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