coconut oil for hair loss treatment

Coconut Oil for Hair Loss Treatment and Hair Growth

An ancient time coconut oil is used for numerous health and hair problem. Coconut oil is the best natural oil which consist many type minerals and vitamins. Coconut oil inhales the all damages and provides complete care. Massage with coconut oil on the scalp makes hair follicles healthy and also encourage the hair growth. Coconut oil protects hair fall and giving complete hair fall solution naturally. In coconut oil anti-bacterial, anti-microbial and emollient properties are present which prevents hairs from different hair damages. Below we are describing some benefits of coconut oil for hair loss treatment.

Benefits: Coconut Oil for Hair Loss Treatment

Provide strength to hairs

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Massage with the coconut oil on the scalp which uphold the hair follicles healthy. Coconut oil has lauric acid that’s containing anti-bacterial properties which make hair scalp clean and fit. The pure and original coconut oil makes hairs strong and tick as well. Daily use of coconut oil provides strength to hairs by their roots.

Protect from Hygral Fatigue in hairs

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The term Hygral Fatigue means excessive swelling of the hair cuticles. The use of coconut oil reduce the this kind of problem. Usually it is happen when excessive moisture absorbs by the hair cuticles, humid in hairs or some shampoo are left in the hairs.  Massage with coconut oil that helps you remove extra moisture of the hair and make it clean.

Protein rich

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Coconut oil is the best for protein, its help to lock protein in the hair shaft. Coconut oil consist triglyceride of lauric acid which prevents from the protein loss it the hair.

Provide complete nourishment

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Coconut oil is full of many nutrition and antioxidants which are beneficial for hairs. Regular use of coconut oil make hair well nourished. It’s the best remedy for the dandruff and promotes hair growth too.

Control bacterial infection and viral

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Coconut oil’s anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties are control any type of viral and infection. With this regular use of coconut oil keep away lice and dandruff as well. Coconut oil also use to make hairs straight naturally.

Increase blood circulation

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Massage the hair scalp with coconut oil its increase the blood circulation. Massage ensure that the blood flow are reach every hair follicles and promote hair growth. Coconut oil consist all that properties which help in hair loss treatment.

Best hair fall conditioner

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Use of coconut oil make hair smooth and shiny, it’s a best way to conditioning hairs. It locks the moisture of hairs inside and makes them silky. It’s also the best for the dandruff problem.

Above the all benefits of coconut oil are of those problem which commonly people face in their life. So for the coconut oil you can use the ShriDhar kasturi hair oil. Our Shridhar kasturi hair oil made up from the organic and pure south Indian herbs.


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