how to stop and control hair fall

Assorted Ways to Stop & Control Hair Fall

Hair is one of that component of the human body which make peoples more beautiful and providing a look. Hairs play a vital role in enhancing beauty and complexion. Nowadays lots of people facing hair fall and for an upcoming generation, it’s seemed to be a common problem. There could be a much possible cause behind hair fall. We can’t say that hair falling problem is start from only by one reason. Here we give some simple tips for how to stop and control hair fall.


Helpful Tips for Preventing Hair Fall


1. Wash hair gently with mild shampoo

It’s necessary to wash hair daily with a mild shampoo. Mild shampoos are safe for hairs. It does not contain an excessive amount of harsh chemicals. All that shampoos which are containing harsh chemical are harmful to hairs. Use of mild shampoo clean scalp and provide volume to hairs as well. It’s helpful for stopping hair fall.

2. Maintain amount of Vitamins

Vitamins are essential for the whole body, it’s necessary to take the right quantity of vitamins every day. Presences of the vitamin in a body are important for hairs to make hairs healthy and all vitamins promote the production of hair growth. Vitamin A maintains sebum of scalp, Vitamin B helps to maintain hair natural colors and Vitamin E improve blood circulation in the head and help in producing more hair follicles.

how to stop hair fall

3. Always use hair oils

Hair oils massage provides hairs relaxation which helps in hair growth. Gently rub the scalp with hair oil, its render hairs essential nutrients and enhance blood circulation in hair which gives oxygen to hairs. Use hair oil according to hair type and hair problems. The most suitable oils for hairs are lavender, almond and sesame. It’s all oil encourages hair growth and control hair fall problem.

4. Stay Hydrate

A present shaft of hairs consist one-quarter of water, one human body needs more water for proper and healthy hairs. Drink 8 to 10 glass of water in one day. Its help to stop hair fall from the root. Always try keeping yourself hydrate and its keep hairs healthy.

5. Evade from drying and heating

Avoid constantly use of hair equipment that all are harmful to hairs. Too much heating and drying are the cause of hair damaging and breakages. Heating and drying tenuous protein from hairs. Those are cause for hair loss.

Control Hair Fall

Tricks – How to Stop and Control Hair Fall?


1. Use of Curd and Lemon

The mixture of curd and lemon are working together on hair as a natural conditioner. Its help in dandruff problem and stop hair falling too. Take curd and squeeze the half lemon in it and apply this mixture on hairs. Leave it on hairs for 30 min. and wash with mild shampoo.

2. Use of green tea and egg

An egg is the good source of protein, it gives protein to hairs and green tea which loaded with antioxidants. With this, promote hair growth and prevent hair falls. Take 1 egg yolk in a bowl and add 2 tablespoons green tea on it. Use this mixture as a hair mask and apply on hairs and cover head with shower cap for 30 mints. After this wash hair with regular shampoo and cold water.

3. Use of aloe vera Gel

Aloe vera is beneficial for hairs its make hair strong from the roots. Take aloevera pulp and rub it on hair scalp gently. It helps to reduce irritation and dryness of head. Leave it on hairs few hours and wash hairs with lukewarm water.

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