About Us - Shridhar Kasturi Hair Oil

About us

We're Kasturi! We're Natural! We're from Rain Forest! Bringing rainforest treasure for mankind's relief.


We started online because of our old customers, we listen to their requirement, feedback and realize we have one of the best product available to provide relief on hair fall, Its our moral duty to take this treasure of knowledge forward to next generation as well save rain forest which is gift to human being with so many things to discover. We believe reducing human sorrow and saving the forest as our mission.

We procure fresh herbs from the forest right after rain season ending in august each year and provide the best standards without any human intervention or chemical preservation.

Our symbol elephant

Why we choose elephant to represent Kasturi? Elephants are a symbol of Great power, wisdom and extreme intelligence. Aristotle once said they passed all other animals in “mind and wit.” Elephants mind’s are so sharp that they are said to never forget. There are many stories of elephant family members remembering each other more than 20 years since they last saw one another

They are undisputed king of south Indian rain forest and symbol of forest which has many treasure for mankind to provide them relief.