This post covers the Reason for man baldness, How to handle that, How to stop the process and finally reverse the process, This article make sure you stop 99% hair loss and don’t require to buy anything to do that, At the end our ultimate goal is to help you, don’t belive our words do your search too as well don’t forget to share your experience.


98% of men go bald caused due to Male pattern baldness or Alopecia, You can locate these by a couple of ways,


1 – Balding area is always oily, That’s not oil but DHT extraction which will eventually bind with the hair follicle and that area eventually go bald. The area where you don’t have hair loss, that’s not oily.

2 – There is a pattern in baldness, it could be these sort of patterns, This is a way DHT bind with hair follicle including hair thin process and ultimately getting bald.


male pattern baldness


Medical science has a couple of ways to tackle against DHT / Alopecia which includes

  • Minoxidil liquid to fight with DHT on the scalp,
  • Finasteride tablet to stop DHT production
  • Some vitamin tablets to promote hair growth with PRP, Mesotherapy etc..

After some time this will stop working. Surprisingly some people never go bald because their body never produces the substance responsible for MPB.


In Ayurveda we worked the same way as medical science, but in the step by step process

  • Handle the DHT extraction smoothly on the hair so DHT won’t harm the hair follicle. ( Oil is the best solution for this)
  • Stop the DHT production in the body. ( Some sort of food is a solution here instead of Finasteride tablet )
  • Remove the DHT binded on the head so hair can grow again. ( This is a combination of food and oil both). Read More

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